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After testing 10 Notion-to-site tools, I found Haiku to be a game-changer. It has an incredible design, improves SEO, and only took 2 minutes to set up.

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Just write, we'll handle the rest.

Write on Notion, add images, embed Youtube videos, insert code blocks and more. Let Haiku auto-sync the articles automatically.

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Tailor-made for Google.

Everything, meta tags, canonical links and sitemap are optimized to give you the best in class SEO and performances.

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Beautifully Designed Themes.

Browse an ever-expanding library of templates. Designed to guarantee an effective and intuitive user experience.


To achieve minimalism and enhance readability.


Perfect for making a great first impression.


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Get powerful insights, with privacy.

Easily filter and analyze stats in real-time, including detailed visitor insights, with maximum privacy protection for your visitors.

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One hub for all your sites.

Easily switch from one to another site. Need one more? It takes 2 minutes. Everything is under your control in one, single account.

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